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Tips for Happy Sickness free,

110 years of life !!!

1. Sleep Well...................
2. Eat Well.......................
3. Exercise well..............
4. Live Well....................
5. Sing and Dance well.......................
6. Marry & be happy.......................
7. Tell this to all and be happy and live long.......................

1. Sleep Well :
People daily sleeping less than four and half hours live less, People daily sleeping more than nine hours live less.

2. Eat Well :
For fully grown ups:1.Eat half of your usual need. [unless you are not likely to get another food.] Eat simple. Fruits, Salads ,and simply cooked Rice,wheat, dal ,fish mutton, chicken [in moderation] keep you healthily for decades. Complicated, more processed food is harmful. If you eat more than you need, your belly is seen. People with big bellies live less. If your belly is seen, take liquids whenever you are hungry, and increase exercise. If your cheeks are sunken or a mirror tells you that you are weak,you are not eating enough energy and food. Oil and ghee give double energy than other food per gram consumed. So add oil or ghee or oilseeds or dry fruits [they have oil ] to every thing you eat, and eat frequently. You can ear every 2 –3 hours. Keep your pocket filled with snacks, and keep munching. You will grow daily. Stop this excess when the cheeks are no more sunken. Lead a fruitful life. When ever you eat,Eat plenty of fresh fruits.Fruits wipe up injurious elements called free oxygen radicals from our body,provide instant energy,vitramins and mineral and water. Use this information for children also.

3 .Exercise well:
jog, run, walk briskly to your office3 reach children to school, dance, do rope skipping. These all are exercises. Do it for half to one hour daily. Dance is the best happy exercise. Put on the T.V. and Learn Dance from every dance sequence and every dancer.Dancer Hema Malini’s daughters are heroines. Hema Malini looks more beautiful than them. She has remained beautiful because of dancing.It keeps the body and the mind fit , happy, and young for ever. Learn yoga. Yoga keeps you young for ever. Yoga keeps you fit like a fiddle. It delays ageing and ageing related illnesses like joint pain, backache, memory loss, heart ailments, and many more illnesses.

4. Live Well :
Illnesses kill. They make life short and miserable.If you have any problem, even a problem that you may think is no problem, like caries teeth,consult your doctor or dentist. You get wet when you go in rain. You get heated when you go out in hot summer. You get illness when 1.when you meet a sick person. So always remain 2 arms away from a sick person. Every one has some illness. So it is a wise policy to keep every one at a safe distance of 2 arms from every one. 2.when you go to a crowded place.When ever, possible avoid over crowded places like cinema hall. 3.When you eat food given or handles by a sick person. A million illness causing germs can sit on the tip of a needle. When a sick person gives you food, you get these germs at bonus. So do not eat at the hands of a sick person.And every person has some illness. So the best policy is not to eat outside your home. ”Swayam Pak” means self cooked food. Always take the food you have cooked or take food is from your home.. Live Peacefully: Calamities do occur. Always there are problems like -----1] tensions of daily living, or -----2.]death in family, or -----3.]natural calamities like floods, earth quake, or -----4.] national calamities like riots, war too. Yet at the end of day every day one must be able to prey to god and sing a song or play an instrument and relax with the family peacefully. Live without vices. All bad habits reduce life.Give up smoking, drugs etc. [If you feel bad when you can not see a perticular t.v. serial, it means you are habituated to seeing t.v. serial. Bad.].

5. Sing & Dance :
Sing & dance in order to be fit & happy.....

6.Marry & be happy : Married people live longer. Loneliness itself is an illness. It leads to drugs, alcoholism and other vices. Man is a social animal and needs loving caring friends for a happy long life. Family satisfies this need. If a married person falls sick, the spouse cares for the sick person. If a person living alone falls sick, there is no one to care for the single person.

7.Tell this to all and be happy and live long : When India became Independent averge person lived 35 years. Today average person lives 68 years. Our independent motherland has doubled every one’s life. Our half life, half breath , half of every rupee and penny we earn belongs to out country and should be spent for it. Even if we read these tips,follow them ,live healthy for 100 years and reach them to 103 crore Indians and to everyone all over the world we have repaid our debt. Let us do it.