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Makers of maternity + breast feeding

leave for 6 months.
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          1. Hindi

          2. Urdu

          3. Bangali

          4. Gujarathi

          5. Marathi

          6. Kannad

          7. Tamil

          8. Malayalam

          9. Oriya

         10. English  



   Myself Dr. Hemant Joshi.  

The maker of Breastfeeding leave for 6 months

    1.  Worked for Devnagari names on medicines.
         Now you can write medicines in Hindi, (Devnagari)

    2.  Got James flett gold media of IAP.

    3.  Active members of consumer organization Mumbai Grahak Panchayat.

   Aim :

    Making India better,
Improving health of everyone especially children in India & all over the world.

To bring child care in all Indian languages & make child care encyclopaedia in all Indian languages.

Request every one to write on the topic of liking & on the topic of own thesis, in simple English & own mother tongue & give it to media & me Maharashtra has free education for girls up to graduation on their suggestion.Mumbai corporation is giving growth charts to all school students on their suggestions. Editors of multi lingual "Arogya Dnyaneshwari".

   Mission :

     To make measles free & typhoid free india & to kill malnutrition.


Dr. Hemant Joshi with
Dr. Archana Joshi

Member of IAP

Founder of