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Weaning: smear 6 months baby's mouth with food every time before breast milk

Caries Teeth.Add Common salt to tooth paste. Kill caries germs.Sugar promotes them. Avoid it.

Pulseox machine.Reads body's oxygen content.95 to 100 is normal. Dangerous below 95.Emergency.

See cyanosis,blue soles, in cong. Heart disease. Emergency. Can die. Operate.

Give M.M.R. vaccine to all kids at 15 months age on war footing.

14 months old boy.Drinks from cup.English Hindi Marathi.No supine feeds.

Nebulizer gives cpap.Use where baby is born.tell all on war footing.

Cut watermelon fruit on Birthday. Healtier than cake.

Give khajur (Dates) to children when they are suffering from loose motions.
Akshaypatra,snack filled transparent jar.Prevents & treats malnutrition,weakness.
Bore Nhan in Joshi Hospital
I.V. Cannulation PART 1
I.V. Cannulation PART 2

40-40-40 Ventilator

Dr. Hemant Joshi giving tips to check that child is alive or dead.
Dr. Hemant Joshi explains how to improve child growth at the time of "GUDHI-PADWA" celebrations in JOSHI HOSPITALl (VIRAR)